The WAE x Osprey Adventure Grant is back!

Remember when that group of mates paddled down the entire length of the Clyde River on a homemade houseboat raft? Or that time those crazy Melbournites went highlining in metallic lycra outfits? That was all thanks to last year’s Osprey Adventure Grant.

Needless to say, we’re keen to do it all over again and see what you legends can come up with this time.

Thanks to the adventurous spirits of those most excellent people at Osprey, we’re offering three explorers a stack of cash and a supply of adventure gear to inject into an expedition in 2018. We’re searching for 3 regular humans with 3 irregular ideas to undertake something unique in Australia or New Zealand.

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The Grant

Three imaginative adventurers will each be awarded grant packages made up of $1,000 cash plus $1,000 worth of Osprey adventure gear.


Applications will be open from 27th August 2018 to 8th October 2018 and assessed by Osprey & We Are Explorers. Winners will be announced on 22nd October 2018.

Who Can Apply And What Are We Looking For?

The beauty of this grant is that we’re not looking for first ascents.

Instead, we’re looking for the everyday explorer with a creative adventure idea that needs some help germinating. We want to hear from pioneering entrants who think out of the box and can capture our attention with a trip that will inspire our wider community.

A multi-day snorkelhiking bonanza?  Bike-packing to save a rainforest? Overnight roller-ski trip in a leotard for charity? A road trip to speed-surf every beach on the Sunshine Coast? Wind-powered billy carts across a salt flat just for the hell of it? (Oh wait that’s been done.)

Anyway, you get the gist.scott runacres, secret quarry, highline, over water, osprey adventure grant


  1. Must be a multi-day, human powered adventure
  2. Take place in Australia or New Zealand before 31st February 2019
  3. Be happy to share your story (by providing written, photographic and/or video content) with Osprey and We Are Explorers

See here for full Terms and Conditions.

How To Apply

We want to hear about your innovative adventure idea and how you would spend the money. Think about how we approach adventure here at We Are Explorers. Get dreaming and good luck!