So you say you like adventure huh? Say you’ll do anything for the outdoors, anything to have a bit of fun? Well, will you enter a competition to win $1000 and heaps of Osprey gear to make your next adventure a reality? Huh? Will you go that far, smart guy? Wait a second… 

We’re teaming up with our mates at Osprey once again to bring you, (drumroll)…

The Osprey Adventure Grant!!

(crowd goes wild)

But this ain’t no regular adventure grant, no siree. This ain’t about being the first person to ascend some crazy peak, being the fastest or fittest. It’s about being the funnest, the kookiest and the most out-there.

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A Wilderness Surfari In Remote East Gippsland (VIC/NSW) by Jake, Sam and Georgia Doherty Osprey Adventure Grant, surf boards, beach, backpacks, picnic lunch

For the last two years, the Osprey Adventure Grant has helped Explorers make their absurd escapades and childhood dreams a warm, fuzzy reality. We’ve sent people bush-bashing with surfboards on a surfari, sailing straight into a chapter of Huckleberry Finn on their very own handmade houseboat raft and deep into a dank ol’ canyon, just to brew a beer. 

Read all about last year’s escapades

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Canyoning In Search Of A Good Beer

Searching For Redemption On The Freycinet Sea Level Traverse

The Petrel Patrol – Searching For NZ’s Endangered Seabird


Canyoning In Search Of A Good Beer Harriet Farkash, Osprey Adventure Grant, campsite, brewery, blue mountains, yeast culture

What we’re trying to say is, we love adventure – but we love whacky, whimsical and weird adventure MORE. And with the help of this grant, we’ll get your ideas out of your head and happening right in front of your eyes.

So What Can I Get?

$1000 cash and up to $1000 of Osprey adventure gear. 

And What Do I Have To Do To Get It?

Come up with a fantastical shenanigan (or maybe there’s one you’ve been dwelling on for a while now), figure out how/when/where it can happen and tell us all about it. 

Wait, When Do I Have To Do All Of This By?

Applications Open – NOW until Jan 13th 2020, so before then would be ace. 

Are You Sure It’s Me You’re Looking For?

Have you got a whacky adventure idea? Can you make it happen in Aus or NZ? Before the end of April? Then yeah, you’re right up our valley. 

Hold Up, There’s Gotta Be A Catch

Hmm not a catch, but we’re a nosy bunch and want to hear all about how your caper pans out. So if you win, you gotta share your story with us (and the rest of the Explorer community) so we can all turn green with envy. Choose your fighter – the written word or the video camera.

There are a few more nitty-gritty terms and conditions, but otherwise, that’s it baby!

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