Olivia Page knows her stuff when it comes to outdoor photography. An international photojournalist, writer and climber, she has travelled from the sheer peaks of Yosemite to the tropical waters of the Java Sea, and hung out of planes many times for her epic aerial shots. Her photography and words can be found in adventure magazines, geographical publications and journals in Australia and internationally.

Here’s Olivia’s top tips for improving your original outdoor photography.

# 1 Get Out There In Poor Weather

Many people are afraid of getting outdoors in bad weather, especially to photograph. All the elements of bad weather can make a stunning photo — the clouds, changing light and rain can bring out the character and mood of a place. Get out there through rain or shine!

# 2 Get Off The Beaten Track (But With Respect To Wilderness)

Walk that little bit further, wake up that little bit earlier and catch interesting light and unique, lesser-seen landscapes.

# 3 Focus On Something The Viewer Can Connect With

Always think of your audience and what you’re capturing in your photos. For example, place a person in the scene to highlight size and perspective of an outdoor space.
Changing The Female Climbing Scene // A Conversation With Olivia Page, Olivia Burton, snow, hiker, mountains, view, ice climbing

Olivia climbing up Mount Aspiring, NZ – Photo by Alex Goldsmith

# 4 Get A Tripod

A tripod is essential for outdoor photography, especially for shots that need longer exposure time for example wildlife movement, astrophotography, water and campfire scenes.

# 5 Be An Explorer

Get out there and explore as many places as possible!

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