Jon Muir, one of Australia’s most prolific explorers is sharing his hard-fought wisdom with the country during a much anticipated speaking tour this November.

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A Lifetime Of Exploration

Just like his namesake and fellow adventurer, John Muir, (no relation beyond an incredibly similar name and outlook), Australian Jon Muir has a keen interest in his natural environment and also, like the other John, can be seen sporting an impressive mountain beard.

Off the grid A night with Jon Muir Muir-_Lake_Eyre_crossing_2011-original

Jon learnt to climb on the South Coast of NSW, scaling the various routes above the town of Wollongong. This early interest in mountain climbing doused petrol on his adventurous spirit, leading him to explore the dreamy expanses of the Himalayas. In 1998 Jon completed his first major achievement, a record breaking summit of Mt Everest, scaling the south side alone, without Sherpas. If that doesn’t deserve a pint, we’re not sure what does.

One of things that makes Jon really special, however, is that he’s more than just an immensely successful mountain pioneer; 14 years after his solo summit of Everest, Jon became the first Australian to have scaled the highest mountain on Earth AND successfully trekked to both the North and South Poles.Off the grid A night with Jon Muir Jon_Muir_travelling_across_the_white_desert_during_his_polar_expedition

Aussie Adventures

In addition to these international pint-winning feats, Jon has possibly explored more of Australia without motorised assistance than any other human. He’s completed several 600+km sea kayaking journeys around Queensland as well as solo traverses to the geographic centre of Australia and across the country’s largest salt lakes. In 2001 he made history as the first person to walk across Australia without any assistance or resupply.

During this mammoth 128 day trek, Jon survived only on the supplies he was carrying and whatever nourishment he could gobble down from Earth’s forage-able pantry. Considering he was travelling through a region drier than a Bill Murray joke at a nun convention, this was no simple task.Off the grid A night with Jon Muir Jon_Muir_crossing_a_dingo_fence_during_his_traverse_across_Australia

Off The Grid With Jon Muir

Throughout these impressive expeditions, Jon has learnt a great deal about living from the land, about how to live sustainably and about what it means to connect to the land around you. His experience in the wild and his explorations around the world have contributed to the sustainable, off-grid lifestyle that he and his wife, Suzan, currently enjoy.

Jon and Suzan now share their combined knowledge of adventure and sustainability through farm-stay experiences at their property in The Grampians National Park, Victoria. Together they provide a wonderful hands on experience, teaching sustainable living and energy saving techniques, while sharing guided walks and lessons in living off-grid.

And as for Jon — our Jon, Australian Jon — he is about to embark on his next big adventure — opening up his weathered knapsack and sharing his stories from a lifetime of vagabonding.

Grab your ticket and join Australian Geographic’s 2017 Lifetime of Adventure recipient, Jon Muir, as he presents an evening of dynamic tales from his extraordinary expeditions and explains how they led to living a life “Off the Grid”.

Off the grid A night with Jon Muir

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