Like a slobbering drunkard chatting up a barmaid, the North Face ThermoBall jacket makes some pretty bold claims. The difference, however is that the latter actually walks the talk.

The above video synopsises the jacket’s bone-warming benefits very well, but for anyone still unsure about it’s resilience in wet conditions, you should check out this guy who dunked his ThermoBall in a river and then went for a hike. In mid winter.

Let’s face it though, being wet and cold in the wild is as welcome as a fart in an elevator, so it’s one of the core clothing items you should take really seriously. The ThermoBall is a game-changing jacket that can be used as a mid layer (under a Goretex shell) or as an outer in it’s own right. It’s design is also thoughtful of fashion conscious urban dwellers meaning you won’t feel out of place rocking this puppy in the week either. Maybe ditch the mitts though.

It’s light, tough and performs incredibly well in wet and cold conditions. All in, this is a very worthy (perhaps even essential) addition to your adventure arsenal.

And if you want one for free – head here (competition closes Wednesday 20th June 2016).