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The new Microadventure Map is live! We’ve been working hard to make your favourite adventure map even better – jump in and start planning your next trip.

Back in early 2016 We Are Explorers launched The Explorer Project. The project aimed to map all of the mind-blowing, lesser-known locations, microadventures and epic experiences to be had in Australia, New Zealand and overseas. The goal? To inspire as many people as possible to get outdoors and experience the power of nature. We’ve been working hard on a new map function for the site and it’s finally here!

It was mid-2016 when we launched the first version of the Microadventure Map, after realising that we needed a good way to sort out all the submissions flooding in. It was probably a world first (claiming it) and it went off like a frog in a sock (it went down well).

From desert road-trips to gorgeous mountain summits and tropical adventure playgrounds, there was something for everyone on there — your next adventure was only a scroll away. The Explorer Crew continued to grow as word spread and stoke built and now it’s a brilliant, beastly behemoth of adventure knowledge.

So Why Are We Updating The Microadventure Map?

While the old microadventure map was chockas with legit adventures from the Explorer Crew, it lacked cartography credentials. We wanted it to be clearer to read and search, quicker to load, a cinch to use on mobile for those last-minute-missions, and easy for us at WAE HQ to add new Explore articles to.

We reckon the new Microadventure Map smashes all of the above and we’re more stoked than a dugong in a field of fresh seagrass to finally share it with you. After extensive testing (not really, testing is boring), we’re ready to flick the switch and send it live!

Where To Find It (And How To Use It)

We’ve chucked the new microadventure map on our homepage directly below the feature reel. You can also find it by clicking on the Explore tab, the Microadventure Map tab in the dropdown below it or head to any state, territory or the New Zealand tab for a specific part of the map as your starting point.

You can zoom or tap the circles to navigate, press the inward facing arrows to zoom back to the start or click the dropdown on the right to change the map skin.

We hope you enjoy the new searching experience and would love to hear any feedback, just leave a comment below!

The Microadventure Map Is A Crowd-Sourced Community Project. Join The Explorer Project And Put Your Adventure On The Map!