Over the last few weeks we’ve been working with the immensely talented (and patient!) Jo Tsai to create a new logo and brand identity for We are Explorers. We felt the camo and compass of the old logo conjured images of urine-drinking Bear Grylls types and other hardcore survivalist types of a similarly twisted ilk.

This is far from what WAE is all about (not that we don’t appreciate the benefits of fresh wizz on one’s complexion).

All of us are born with an exploratory mind. We believe there’s still a curious explorer in all of us.

For some ‘adventuring’ comes very naturally (I read somewhere that Bear Grylls raised himself on self suckled wolf milk). For most though – the everyday adventurer like you and I – it’s less straightforward. Taking a slight risk, stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself to do something a little out of the ordinary however, can lead to the sweetest of rewards. Sometimes we just need a little nudge of encouragement and spurt of inspiration.

Sometimes it’s as simple as packing up a tent and few essentials and heading for the hills.

The new logo embodies the simplicity of the outdoors. It’s raw, iconic and hopefully timeless.


What do you think? Any comments please share below.