Pulse Climbing Warners Bay opens on Saturday 11th of May. It’s the 3rd bouldering gym for Pulse Climbing and adds to the slew of new ropeless climbing gyms opening up across Australia.

Walking through the doors of Pulse Climbing Warners Bay, you’re instantly drawn to the impressive 5 metre walls and pumpy overhangs that snake around the edges of the warehouse. In the middle, a giant column features prominently. Now all the holds have been placed and the gym is ready to launch.

The Warners Bay gym is Pulse’s third climbing gym after their original Adamstown climbing gym and Gosford bouldering gym and represents years of learned knowledge and lived experience.

There's A Brand New Bouldering Gym In Lake Macquarie, Pulse Climbing Warners Bay_Scott Forrester-2

In under a week these clean surfaces have been covered in dozens of routes. Check out that cave!

Much of what makes Pulse unique is the local hands-on approach to design and construction, it’s one of the few gyms in Australia that can claim to be ‘Australian made’, with many gyms designed by overseas agencies. Subtle and sometimes unseen touches like custom designed T nuts, locally constructed mats and hand made climbing holds combine to show the passion of the owners.

‘All the directors of Pulse are passionate avid climbers and we really care about providing a quality experience,’ explains Tim, author of the Newcastle and Hunter rock climbing guide and part owner of Pulse Climbing.

‘Little stuff, like getting the firmness of our crash mats just right, matters a lot to us.’

There's A Brand New Bouldering Gym In Lake Macquarie, Pulse Climbing Warners Bay_Scott Forrester-5

Fresh friction!

It’s not all artisanal, hand-crafted, single-origin climb holds though. The gym will include a MoonBoard, a standardised bouldering wall that allows friends to share bouldering problems via a smartphone app regardless of which gym they are climbing in.

‘Our customers said they really wanted a MoonBoard. They’ve become really popular and as a result we’ve installed MoonBoards in our other two gyms as well,’ Tim explains.

There's A Brand New Bouldering Gym In Lake Macquarie, Pulse Climbing Warners Bay_Scott Forrester-3, moonboard, bouldering

MoonBoards are fast becoming an essential training tool for crushers everywhere.

With the gym nearing completion, all that’s left is hooking up the espresso machine – no modern bouldering gym is complete without a caffeine supply to power through the crux. See ya there!


Pulse Climbing Warners Bay opens this Saturday 11th of May at at 305 Hillsborough Rd, Warners Bay NSW 2282. Check out the Pulse Climbing website for more.


Photos by Scott Forrester

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