The refreshing tongue soak of cold water on a sweltering summer’s day and the prolonged taste of hot tea warming the morning cockles is medically proven to put smiles on dials. If there’s one thing any adventure can’t do without, it’s a top-notch drinking vessel.

We’ve teamed up with the crew from MUVE, a Aussie-based mob of backpack-wielding bottle-tinkerers to bring you a limited-edition insulated drink bottle. This 950ml lightweight, high-performance beast has been designed to keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12.


It’s just a drink bottle, right?

Is Alex Honnold just another rock climber? These robust, high-performance, stainless steel puppies are double-wall vacuum insulated, copper coated triple insulated (I mean….), leakproof and BPA free (i.e. no nasty chemicals). We’re passionate about reducing single-use plastic and by buying (and using) these sorts of bottles you inadvertently become an eco-ledge, which means you also sleep that little bit better.

We reckon it could be your trusty hydration sidekick for the outdoors, but also the office; having a flagon like this on your desk will tease you into drinking more water! So say adios to luke-warm drinking water on a hot summer’s day, and au-revoir to cold coffee on a sub-zero morning. Consider this a purchase for life!



What Do Our Explorers Think About Our New Insulated Drink Bottle?

To put the bottle through its paces we sent a batch out to our Explorers to test and capture some imagery. The feedback was pretty awesome across the board — here’s what Joel Johnsson had to say in Vanuatu:

“There’s a couple of things that are necessary for a perfect afternoon. A golden sunset. A hammock. Climbing up high into the treetops. And cold beer. The first three are quite achievable (everyone swings hammocks at treetop level at the top of banyan trees, right?) — but the last one is hard. Consider that it takes 20 minutes to reach the banyan forest, about 20 minutes to climb up into the crown of a banyan, and then 15 minutes to string your hammock — that’s well beyond the abilities of any stubbie cooler in a tropical climate. But when @we_are_explorers sent me their new insulated water bottle to try, I knew it was the final piece. This is me putting the puzzle together, 6 storeys off the forest floor, with a flagon of Tusker (Vanuatu’s national beer) still icy cold after 4 hours out of the fridge. Thanks @we_are_explorers for the assist.”

Our explorer Nathalie Hardbattle said:

“Took it with me to Kosci, filled it up straight from mountain streams — does it get fresher than that??”

wae drinks bottle river natalie hardbattle, insulated drink bottle

Shot by @nhardbattle

We checked and nope, it doesn’t actually get any fresher than that.


wae drinks bottle climbing jeremy lam, insulated drink bottle

Shot by @jeremylamx