‘Mountain’ is a feature documentary that explores the troubled and triumphant history of our timeless fascination with mountains. 

This epic cinematic treat is a visual and audio intertwining between the Australian Chamber Orchestra and the BAFTA-nominated director of Sherpa, Jennifer Peedom. The result is a collaborative project that is nothing short of spectacular.

It’s shot by the world’s leading high altitude cinematographers, and to top it off narration is provided by the dulcet toned William Dafoe (second only to David Attenborough and Morgan Freeman’s hypothetical love child).

Let this trailer get your tongue dizzy:

Renan Ozturk – who i’m sure many of you are aware – was a mountain goat in a former life. As lead cinematographer on this film, he’s responsible for much of the eye-gasms you’re likely to have on the night.

“For me mountains changed my life, [I] pretty much shaped everything that I did towards them. And it brought me on to this strange career path and lifestyle where I spend part of my year making films about them and the other part of my year within them, pushing my limits in the mountains.”

Jammy git.

After it’s recent launch at VIVID Live, Mountain will be touring throughout Australia from 3-20 August to destinations including Newcastle, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney. For tour details head here.