Mont are having a huge online clearance! We’ve picked out the best deals and most essential kit so you can get out there and use it.


Mont Adventure Equipment are an independent Australian company known for bombproof gear. The story started down in Canberra in 1978 – a bloke named Monty was sick of low-quality kit not holding up on his adventures, so he borrowed a sewing machine and made it himself.

Monty’s sleeping bags, down jackets and tents quickly got a rep and before long, he’d founded Mont Adventure Equipment. Nowadays the store’s still privately-owned but, in addition to Mont gear, there’s a whole range of outdoor brands on offer, like Salomon, Icebreaker, La Sportiva and Arc’teryx, that make Mont a one-stop-shop.

True to Monty’s philosophy though, the store’s staffed by real adventurers and nothing’s there unless the crew would use it themselves.

Mont’s having a huge online clearance at the moment, so we’ve chosen 10 of the best things you can pick up on the cheap!

1. Mont Power Stretch Pro Revolution Midlayer Jacket

Ogres have layers, but adventurers have midlayers. The ‘Power Stretch Pro Revolution’ (strong name) is a synthetic stretchy jacket that’s fluffy on the inside and smooth on the outside, making it durable and wind-resistant. It’s synthetic too, meaning it dries super quickly if you break a sweat on your hike to beat sunrise. It’s half price too!

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2. Mont Nadgee XT 0 – 6°C Down Sleeping Bag

mont-nadgee-down-sleeping-bag-navy-black-clearance_2000x, Top 10 Gear Picks from the Mont Adventure Clearance, canberra

A decent sleeping bag makes nights out in the wild a dream, and Mont are known for making some of the best. The Nadgee XT is a fluffy boi that’ll insulate you from cold Aussie winters, and can be opened up into a doona when it’s warmer. It features DWR protected down, a water-resistant shell made of Hydronaute XT and a tapered cut to save weight. Our favourite bit? The ‘toaster pocket’ near your feet for a heat pad. Sweet dreams.

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3. Payload Duffle Bag

payload duffle bag, Top 10 Gear Picks from the Mont Adventure Clearance, canberra

The Payload Duffle bags scream ‘heavy-duty’ and Mont themselves call them ‘virtually indestructible. There’s no use having a huge stash of adventure gear if you can’t bring it with you, but the payload makes that easy with straps and handles aplenty.

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4. Rain Shells

If you’ve got a friend who knows their outdoor gear you’ve probably heard them bang on about how important a decent rain shell is – and they’re not wrong. Luckily Mont’s got some super crispy offerings on sale at the moment, including three-quarter length jackets so you don’t get a wet butt.

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5. Mont Eddie 3 Tent

Mont-Eddie-3-Tent-outer, Top 10 Gear Picks from the Mont Adventure Clearance, canberraIs it time that you finally invested in a decent tent? Y’know, one that can take on a storm… or even a small shower? The Mont Eddie 3 is a tough nugget ‘cause it was originally designed for school groups, making it officially bombproof and sturdy enough to deal with you and two of your best mates after a few hot toddies. 4 season capable, 2 doors, 2 vestibules and $200 off.

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6. Mont Fusion Down Jacket

Fusion-jkt-malibu-front, Top 10 Gear Picks from the Mont Adventure Clearance, canberra

Mont’s Fusion down jacket weighs a mere 630g, but one-third of that is pure, white, mexican-grade duck down. Ok it’s not narcotic, but the down is DWR treated and will definitely keep you warmer than crack. In fact, for $319 it’ll keep you warmer than just about anything out there for the price. Did I mention the fabric’s waterproof?

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7. Power Dry Thermals

power dry thermals, Top 10 Gear Picks from the Mont Adventure Clearance, canberra


Baselayers know you like no one else. On snow trips they can stay on for days, moving from activewear to sleepwear with unmatched ease. Mont’s baselayers are made from Polartec Power Dry so sweat it up out there! They can handle it.

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8. Julbo Aerospace Goggles

julbo, aerospace, Top 10 Gear Picks from the Mont Adventure Clearance, canberra

Goggles are essential for any snowsport (don’t tell me you shred the toboggan in sunnies), but rental goggles suck. Do yourself and get some quality optics for the slopes. Why cheap out? The snow is sick, you’re going to go again. These are made in France, the only goggles that offer full venting while descending, and $100 off.

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9. Edelrid Jay & Jayne Climbing Harness

edelrid-jay-ii-climbing-harness, Top 10 Gear Picks from the Mont Adventure Clearance, canberra

Won’t be long til climbing gyms are open and you’re back to cragging A LOT. How old is your harness? Most climbers are still rocking the one they started climbing in. No stress, grab one of these, demote your current harness to ‘canyoning harness’ and safely whip the days away.

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10. ResQLink Plus Floating Locator Beacon

ResQLink, Top 10 Gear Picks from the Mont Adventure Clearance, canberra

Every bit of hiking advice says to take one and the news is full of stories and PLBs leading to a quick rescue, but when it comes time for a big adventure it’s often too hard to rent or borrow one in time. Grab one and let the planning begin.

Pro tip: Buy one PLB and split the cost between your regular adventure crew. You’ll either be in the trip or asking why you didn’t get an invite.

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Feature photo by Casey Dubois