When you have your period, sometimes your spirit for adventure can be overcome by caution. 


‘I can’t wait to jump under this waterfall and cool off!’ may be immediately followed by the thought, ‘Oh shit, did I change my tampon this morning? Maybe I shouldn’t swim.’

The fear of a tampon string sneaky its way out the side of your swimmers or blood seeping through the water can be a huge fear. 

Modibodi’s new period-proof Recycled Hi-Waist Bikini Briefs are here to let you completely immerse yourself in nature, without thoughts of leakage even entering your pretty little head. 


What’s Modibodi?

You know Modibodi, they create period-proof (and recycled!) underwear and have recently delved into the world of activewear too, good for all those Explorers out there.

They’ve just upped their game with their latest product, high-waisted, period-proof, bikini briefs, and girrrrl, we’re getting ourselves a pair along with everyone we know with a uterus. 

Period-proof Swimmers

What the heck, how can swimmers be period-proof?

Modibodi’s patented Modifier Technology! It consists of three layers; 

  • Merino wool that wicks away moisture, repels smells and is naturally antibacterial (but of course, we already knew that). 
  • An ultra-absorbent middle layer than soaks up fluid and keeps it on lock
  • A waterproof bottom layer that acts as a final security barrier against leakage of all kinds

Believe it or not, even though these layers total only 3mm of thickness, they allow Modibodi’s bikini briefs to absorb up to 10ml of liquid – that’s 2 tampons worth of blood and a helluva lot of worries.


Good For You And The Planet

The high-waisted retro-style bikini briefs are not only period-proof, they’re just good swimmers.

Made out of chlorine-resistant and UV50+ fabric, with a thick, supportive waistband, and fast-drying absorbent lining, you’ll be wearing these swimmers even after Aunt Flo has packed up and gone. 

To top it all off, you’ll be doing the planet a favour as well. Not only are these bikini briefs made from 78% recycled pre-consumer nylon, you’ll be saving a butt load of tampons and pads from landfill, simply by going reusable. 

And when it’s estimated that the average Australian menstruator uses 12,000 disposable tampons, pads, and liners in their lifetime, there’s every reason to take that number down a notch. 

Get your hands on them quick! Before your next swim or period, whichever comes first (or together). 


Get Yourself a Pair


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