If you’re the owner of a uterus, you probably have a period, and if you’re an Explorer, your adventures and period will undoubtedly one day overlap. 


Maybe it’ll be on a multi-day hike deep in the Snowy Mountains backcountry, or a three day kayaking trip in Jervis Bay (yes, I’m speaking from experience here, hello Aunt Flo, nice of you to join us). Periods can creep up on you, burst out of the blue, and sometimes not turn up at all. So how do you prepare for impact when you’re in the great outdoors?

Modibodi has a few ideas. 

Modibodi have been making period-proof underwear for a while now, and they’ve just released their newest product – 7/8 recycled active leggings that can be worn on the trail, at the gym or just around the house, all the while protecting you against period, bladder, and discharge leaks. 

That’s a lot to absorb (get it?), let’s break it down.


Period-proof Leggings

If you’ve never heard of Modibodi before you’re probably in a world of confusion. They make undies (and now leggings) that you can wear during your period that absorb blood without the need for additional protection. 

What the heck, how?

Modibodi’s patented Modifier Technology! It consists of three layers; 

  • Merino wool that wicks away moisture, repels smells and is naturally antibacterial (but of course, we already knew that). 
  • An ultra-absorbent middle layer than soaks up fluid and keeps it on lock
  • A waterproof bottom layer that acts as a final security barrier against leakage of all kinds

Believe it or not, even though these layers total only 3mm of thickness, they allow Modibodi’s leggings to absorb up to 15ml of liquid – that’s around 2-3 tampons worth of blood – I know, right?!

Sounds like you could wear these all day long without having to awkwardly excuse yourself from the trail to run into the bushes and sort yourself out. Sweet. 

Good For The Planet

Ok so I won’t spring a leak, but tampons and pads do that too right? How’s this different? 

Firstly, these leggings are not single-use, unlike pads and tampons, which are the cause of an enormous amount of landfill waste every year. In fact, it’s estimated that the average Australian menstruator uses 12,000 disposable tampons, pads, and liners in their lifetime. Wowzers. 

One wash and these leggings are ready to be the most supportive thing that’s wrapped themselves between your legs, time and time again. Plus, no one wants to be awkwardly carrying around used tampons and pads in their day pack. That’s a major tick for the planet (and you). 

Add in the fact that they’re made out of 78% recycled material from pre-consumer waste, and these leggings are pretty much single-handedly holding back climate change. 

Plus, even when you don’t have your period, they’re just like regular leggings. They’re as agile as you, babe.


Get Yourself a Pair 



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