Sometimes the Blue Mountains can throw you a rough weather deal, covering the valleys near Blackheath in a thick rolling fog. Lachy knows that if you stick around your luck might turn. 

The Misty Mountains of Blackheath // Evans Lookout to Pulpit Rock (NSW) Lachy JF valley lookout person jacket


  • Watching the fog roll across the valley at Evans Lookout
  • Seeing water fly off the mountain at Govetts Leap, across the valley from a second waterfall to the valley
  • Sitting on the edge of a cliff face, taking in the view

The Lowdown

On our last day in the Blue Mountains, we thought we’d drive to Evans Lookout and then on to Govetts Leap for the Pulpit Rock track, given the overcast weather was ruling out any sunrise potential. We arrived at Evans Lookout to find that the weather had replaced our view of the valley with a curtain of curling white fog; it was impossible to see anything. We laughed to ourselves, but were ultimately disappointed. That is, until a gust of wind came through the valley and opened the curtains of fog to reveal the valley behind. Once we had composed ourselves and picked our jaws up off the floor, we drove 5 minutes further to Govetts Leap.

It was unfortunately lacking in water flow, but nonetheless Govetts Leap was an impressive sight; a thin stream of water jetting off the top of the mountain and being blown into the wind. We decided to begin the descent down and around to Pulpit Rock. This was a much easier climb that our previous days of Leura Cascades and Wentworth Falls, and even though our calves were still burning it was a very pleasant walk. We continued along the track, and circled around the edge of the valley until we found ourselves on top of the world. Standing on a rock on the edge of the cliff face, we looked across the valley from hundreds of metres above, to see Govetts Leap and a second waterfall directly below us.

The Misty Mountains of Blackheath // Evans Lookout to Pulpit Rock (NSW) Lachy JF valley waterfall

Essential Gear

  • Water
  • Durable shoes
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen in sunny weather
  • Camera gear

How To Get There

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  • Hiking
  • Photography

Skill Level

Beginner level

Distance Covered

3.5km — approx 1 hour


Blue Mountain feels for everyone…

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