Move over messenger, walkie-talkies, and screaming until your voice is hoarse. Milo is the newest way to chat with your mates in the outdoors.

Making Communication Easy

Have you ever misplaced your mates on the slopes? Become separated from your friends on the water? Lost phone reception on the trail? Thought of a hilarious joke but no one was in earshot to hear it?

Never waste a good joke again. 

Milo The Action Communicator is a new tech-savvy, stylish and hands-free walkie-talkie, specifically designed for communicating in the outdoors and on adventures. 

Forget confusing hand gestures and shouting across the line up. Forget fumbling with a phone in your oversized ski gloves. Forget pulling off the trail to check for a missed call. 


But How Does It Work?

Milo (yes, just like your fav malt drink) requires no WiFi or phone signal to operate, is hands-free, and can clip right onto your sleeve, handlebars, helmet or pocket. 

The world-first design works on ‘a proprietary ad-hoc mesh network’, which is sure to have all tech-nerds frothing.

All you really need to know is this sleek, palm-sized device includes six high-performance digital mics, a super powerful speaker which eliminates wind and other background sounds, and can keep you and your mates connected from up to 600 metres away. It’s waterproof, durable, and made to endure all outdoor conditions, from mud to sun to ice and snow. 



My only question is – how many surfers am I gonna piss off when they hear my mates and I yammering on over a walkie-talkie? Milo reckons that only you and those you’re connected with will be able to hear the conversation. But I’d want to test it out before I bet my board on it.  

How Do I Get My Hands On It?

You won’t find Milo in your local outdoor store just yet – it’s currently only available on Kickstarter. The campaign’s running until November 11 2020, and they’ve well and truly smashed their fundraising goal. But there are still more Milos left to get your hands on. 

For you and a mate to stay connected in the outdoors, you’re looking at about $450AUD. That includes a set of two Milos, plus a clip, wrist strap, and charging cable each. If you’ve got two mates (lucky you) the price jumps to around $640 AUD. 

Seems a little steep just for a bit of banter, but there’s no denying the additional safety that comes with being able to talk to someone at all times. 



Photos thanks to Milo