Name // Daniel Bolt

Your hometown // Berry, South Coast of NSW

Day Job // I’m a freelance filmmaker and photographer.

Camera and Lenses // I shoot with a bunch of different cameras, it depends if I’m filming or taking stills. With stills I’m normally using my trusty Canon 6D – we’ve been through a lot. Lens-wise I do enjoy Sigma’s Art series. At the moment I’ve got a Canon 24-70 2.8, Sigma 35 1.4,  and a Canon 50 1.4.

What inspires you // Creating with my friends. I find once you get started doing something, anything, the ideas just flow.

Dream location to shoot in Australia // I’d love to shoot Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. I’ve got a few friends who have done treks down there and it looks rad. I’d love to go camping down there for a while.

Advice for aspiring photographers // Advice is great, but I’m terrible at giving it out. I think collaboration is key. Find other creatives, other photographers, people with ideas, people with stories, and work with them. Explore with them and learn with them. It’s one of the best things you can do. Now that you got me thinking, I’ve got some more advice and I know it sounds cliche but it rings true. Don’t let yourself be dissuaded, even when things look grimmer than a year 10 disco. Some people give up too soon, before they even get started and they let failures get them down, but perseverance is key.

Favourite Quote // Bear with me, this is a long quote but a goodie. It’s by Frederick Buechner.

“…some moment happens in your life that you say yes right up to the roots of your hair, that makes it worth having been born just to have happen. Laughing with somebody till the tears run down your cheeks. Waking up to the first snow. Being in bed with somebody you love… Whether you thank God for such a moment or thank your lucky stars, it is a moment that is trying to open up your whole life. If you turn your back on such a moment and hurry along to business as usual, it may lose you the ball game. If you throw your arms around such a moment and hug it like crazy, it may save your soul.”

Instagram // @wehaveavisual

Belly of the Beast 1

“I went canyoning for the first time in my life last year with a group of photographer mates in the twisting and weaving canyons in the Blue Mountains, outside Sydney. I had no idea what to expect and it blew my mind. The network of canyons in the Blue Mountains are a totally different world. Jumping and sliding down waterfalls, throwing our backpacks filled with our camera gear off cliffs into pools below, wading neck-deep through freezing cold water in the bowels of the Earth with enormous stone walls towering over you on every side. It was a unique experience and really opened my eyes to the incredible places in our very own backyard.”

Simpson Desert Waterhole 1

“I spent three weeks last year camping in the Australian outback while filming a 250km running race through the Simpson, Sturt Stony and Strezlecki Deserts. A few days before I caught my charter flight from the town of Birdsville back to civilisation, I walked out of town one night and took a few timelapses of the night sky. The light pollution is literally zero out there and the stars literally can be seen right down to the horizon. I could hear the howling of dingoes coming from somewhere far off in the darkness, getting closer and then fading away again and again. It was a surreal experience and one that I highly recommend to anyone who has never been outback before.”

Smoke & Mirrors 1

“My friend @thepeopleversus and I do a bit of urbex together every now and then, and we took this photo the first time we explored the old abandoned Tooth & Co brewery in Mittagong. It’s been abandoned for years and is apparently full of asbestos, but the multiple floors of decaying wood, graffiti, and emptiness is amazing and makes it worth it. If you’re good at climbing, there’s an attic floor at the very top that has a dope looking ‘eye’ at the end. This place is just one of dozens of abandoned places around Sydney that you should try and get to before they get bulldozed and turned into a distasteful block of apartments.”

railway line underground

“Treading deep with @gkhz in the tunnels below Sydney. If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t go here. I was lucky to have a guide who knew the network like the back of his hand.”

King's Domain 1 (1)

Deep within Kings Canyon with one our favourite microadventurers