A Mermaid’s Fantasy // South West Arm Pool (NSW)

Wattamolla & the Figure Eight Pools may be the biggest attraction of Sydney’s Royal National Park for adventurers & tourists alike, however the South West Arm Pool holds it own as an explorer’s paradise. 


  • Giant swimming hole (relatively private compared to others in the RNP)
  • Jumping off high cliffs into deep green water
  • A bush walk that goes off the beaten track.

Once you enter the Royal National Park hang a left onto Warumbul Road & park up at the beginning of the Winifred Fire Trail. Take this trail by foot for about half an hour downhill until you reach the Winifred Falls. A pretty little waterfall with a pool to splash in – however, this is not why you’re here.

From here your path gets a little tricky, walk toward the left, past the viewpoint of the falls, scale down a path, & walk alongside the river. There’s barely a beaten track, but trust your instincts whilst walking over uneven rocks, & dodging trees. Your patience will be rewarded when you reach a clearing & here you will grab your first glimpse of the South West Arm Pool. A giant bottle green lagoon with high cliffs on both sides, which are perfect for leaping off into the deep water, & there’s even a rope swing! The pool is connected by the South West Arm Creek out to the ocean, so the water is slightly salty. You could spend a good amount of time here splashing & sunbaking on one of the many rock faces, or head back up the trail & discover another one of the RNP’s wonderful swimming spots.

Essential Gear

  • water
  • running shoes
  • camera
  • picnic
  • sunblock
  • hat
  • insect repellent

How To Get There

Try this.


  • Swimming
  • Cliff Jumping
  • Photography
  • Hiking

Skill Level


Distance Covered / Elevation Gain

3 km return via same track / -118m down to the pool

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