What do Matthew McConaughey, a cabin company and a bourbon distiller have in common? They all want YOU to go outside more! They’ve even teamed up to create a cosy new cabin for you to escape to – and it’s a beauty. Think charred-bourbon-barrel-chic. McConaughey’s words, not mine. 

As the Creative Director of Wild Turkey, a bourbon ‘inspired by the wild’, Matthew McConaughey is a passionate advocate for getting out into the wilderness more often. Or as he refers to it, ‘checking out to check in’. 

His new campaign ‘With Thanks’ champions people around the world who are committed to protecting wild places and those who encourage people to reconnect with nature. So when he heard about the awesome work the fellas at Unyoked, Chris and Cam Grant, are doing Down Under, he immediately invited them around to chat over a glass of bourbon. 

Together the three of them, along with some critical advice from an actual architect, designed and built The Reserve – a solar-powered, no-wifi cabin made completely of natural materials. 

The cabin was officially unveiled today in Sydney, but will soon be hauled two and a half hours north to the Central Coast, to become an escape for anyone who wants to get in touch with the wilderness, and themselves, something McConaughey says he does on a regular basis.

‘One of the things that can happen when you go off on your own, is that you may not enjoy the company. And that’s a good thing. Hopefully you stay long enough to figure out the truth, cause you’re the only one you can’t get rid of. Hopefully you start getting along,’ McConaughey said.

‘We don’t take enough time to do it. This is an engineered way to give you a place to go do that. And it’s engineered to give you that space and time.’ 

The guys from Unyoked were stoked to be able to collaborate with Wild Turkey and McConaughey in such a tangible way. 

‘We wanted to do something real, not just raise awareness, but have people experience it and bring a little bit of it back into the city when they’re done,’ they said.

The ‘With Thanks’ campaign is committed to helping those who preserve our wild places, and will donate a percentage of the cabin’s proceeds, plus $1 from every bottle of McConaughey’s Wild Turkey Longbranch sold in November and December, to the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife in Australia. Rad. 

Photo courtesy of Brendon Thorne/Getty Images for Wild Turkey

McConaughey had a hand in many of the unique touches of the cabin, including the music and reading selection, (CC: Bob Dylan and Ralph Waldo Emerson), as well as the hidden Wild Turkey bar.

Sound like your kind of nature escape? Bookings are open now for getaways from early December.


Feature photo courtesy of Brendon Thorne/Getty Images for Wild Turkey