Every now and then you just need to go climb something and Arakoon’s stunning Little Bay Beach is the perfect place to do so!


  • Bouldering large granite boulders next to the ocean
  • Boulders the size of houses
  • Relaxing under pandanus palms
  • Plenty of kangaroos

Taking On Little Bay Beach // Arakoon (NSW) Calumn Hockey boulder ocean beach

Bouldering at Little Bay Beach

This is the spot were few tourists wander, meaning you will rarely come across a crying kid or cranky parent! Instead, you will be hearing the natural sounds of waves crashing against large granite boulders while sea turtles venture into blue and green patches of pristine sea water.

Little Bay Beach is great for bouldering and providing climbs for the beginner to the advanced climber. If you’re not into that stuff, you can immerse yourself within a family of kangaroos (don’t get too close) or take a swim at the sandy, golden beach a few hundred metres away which is idyllic for surfing, swimming or cricket on the beach.

Taking On Little Bay Beach // Arakoon (NSW) Calumn Hockey tree ocean beach

Little Bay Beach Walking Trails

If walking is your thing, go get lost on one of the many marked trails along this magic piece of coastline (one leads to more coastal wilderness while the other takes you to Trial Bay Gaol) perfect for those of all levels of fitness. For myself, I had to take most of my camera gear as around each corner, hidden treasures unveiled themselves. If you like fishing, there are some pretty awesome places where you can sit underneath a pandanus palm and cast out or simply have a sleep or read a book.

The best time to visit here is early morning as the kangaroos come out for a feed while the sun peeks over the horizon, or watch the belt of Venus appear as the sun recedes. Whatever you prefer, there is a lot on offer and it is a perfect morning, afternoon or day out for the family or just yourself.

Taking On Little Bay Beach // Arakoon (NSW) Calumn Hockey boulder bouldering

Essential Gear

  • Sturdy shoes, hiking boots or joggers
  • Suitable clothes for sun protection and a hat!
  • Internet access so you can check the tides
  • Camera or your phone for pics

How To Get There

Little Bay Beach is 5 hours drive from Sydney or 5 hours 45 minutes from Brisbane.


  • Bouldering
  • Swimming, surfing, bodyboarding
  • Rock hopping
  • Wildlife spotting
  • Photography
  • Relaxing

Skill Level

Beginner/Intermediate – For the bouldering part it is ideal you have some knowledge of how to climb otherwise if you are rock hopping you need a general level of fitness as the same for swimming at the nearby beach and trail walking. Wheelchair access is limited.

Distance Covered / Elevation Gain

If you intend to rock hop the whole beach with additional climbing you can cover up to 5km. The elevation is sea level to around 20m above sea level.


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