The Lights of Ladakh follows the journey of Kate Leeming as she rides 1200km through the Indian Himalayas with a mission to bring light, electricity, and education to the region’s most remote village. 


Kate Leeming is a damn determined woman. 

In 2018, she rode her bike 1200km through the Indian Himalayas, a 24 day journey that saw her tackle some of the world’s highest mountain passes in order to help electrify Ralakung, the oldest and most remote village in the Indian Himalayas.

Last year during lockdown, Kate knuckled down and turned all the footage from her expedition into a documentary, sharing the story of her ride and the gorgeous people she and local organisation Global Himalayan Expedition, helped bring light and electricity to.



Kate’s now teamed up with Adventure+ to premiere the documentary on the online streaming service this Thursday September 23rd. The premiere includes a pre-recorded Q&A with Kate, four short bonus videos, plus the chance to enter a comp and win a bunch of gear courtesy of Kate’s sponsors!

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The story is dedicated to Kate’s father, Ted, who passed away suddenly a week before she embarked on what was to become a very spiritual, personal journey.

Lights of Ladakh will be available to stream worldwide until October 8th.


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