Dear Australia,


2020’s been wild hey? Ushering in the new year under clouds of bushfire smoke, strolling to work in my P2 mask, I couldn’t wait to be free of the creeping anxiety that lingered in the air.

But another disaster was just beginning. One that calls for social distancing, isolation and, in many cases, staying indoors; things that go against everything we stand for at We Are Explorers.

This site started with exploring our own backyard, and that’s still at the very core of what we do. We firmly believe that the outdoors is an inclusive and healing place that should be accessible to everyone.

So we’re going to keep on posting, with a renewed focus on keeping it local. There are hundreds of microadventures on the site where you probably won’t see a soul, but you will find a hefty personal challenge, a spine-tingling view, or a bit of bloody respite from old mate COVID-19.

Some of you will have to hop on the quarantine train and self-isolate. No stress, we fully support some dedicated home time if it’s needed, and we’ll be bringing you articles on what docos to watch, ways to prep your adventure gear cupboard and how to stay sane when your nature fix is hard to come by.

Tourism operators and small towns Australia-wide are hurting, and it’s not over yet. So while it’s time at the moment to stay put and, finally clean your camp stove (I know you never have) there will be an end to this.

When it’s safe we’re gonna be getting after it with a renewed vigour; it’ll be time to get out of town, spend up big regionally and tick a few spots off the bucket list.

It’s been a tough couple of months for We Are Explorers. As a small company with five permanent staff, it doesn’t take much to start feeling the effects of catastrophic bushfires and global pandemics. 

But we’re confident. Confident in the fighting spirit of our audience, confident in their desire to help each other out, and confident that once all of this is over it’ll be hard to keep any of you inside.

Stay safe, crack a brewski if ya please, and I’ll catch ya in our backyard.

Tim Ashelford
Editor – We Are Explorers

Photo by Cedric Tang