We’re pysched about the upcoming Port Fairy Adventure Film Festival, so we reached out to local explorers to get their intel on the area’s best microadventures. Just visiting Pea Soup Beach in Port Fairy, the name itself conjures up a whole world of wonder. Add the imagination of a child into the mix and you’ve got yourself an endless adventure. 


  • Rock scrambling
  • Sandy beaches
  • Historic relics
  • Fun with kids

Starting at Pea Soup Beach carpark, a boardwalk takes you across the dunes down to the beach. A viewing platform provides a view across Pea Soup Beach and South Beach, which is especially nice at sunrise and sunset. 

Let Your Imagination Run Wild On Pea Soup Beach // Port Fairy (VIC), Nick Grimmer, beach, sunset, water, sand

Felix, my four-year-old son and I usually head straight for the rocks to the left as you exit the boardwalk. This next section across the volcanic rocks can take three minutes, or if you’re with Felix, at least fourty-five.

We scramble out towards the water edge seeing how far out we can get. Depending on the tide you can jump rock to rock like a frog on lily pads. Felix likes to find the tallest rocks and rock walls, some rising over six foot. He climbs up them with an agility possessed only by small children and professional climbers. 

Let Your Imagination Run Wild On Pea Soup Beach // Port Fairy (VIC), Nick Grimmer, rocks, kid, water, ocean, rock scrambling

After a while you may start to realise that some of the rocks are a little too square cut and some passages a little too well shaped to be natural. Explore a little further and you’ll uncover numbers carved into a rock here, a piece of metal sticking out there. The Port Fairy Historical Society will know the truth of these discoveries, but we prefer to imagine. Our favourite find is a metal cross, set into one of the rocks. Felix tells me that pirates buried treasure under this rock.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild On Pea Soup Beach // Port Fairy (VIC), Nick Grimmer, rocks, ocean, kid, yay, cross

Continuing east we scramble on, some rocks large, some small. Some shells behind one, a cuttlefish bone behind another. We make it to the other side and step off the rocks onto South Beach. 

The ocean scenery in both directions is a delight. When the beach ends a hidden track that hugs the dune line leads around the corner to the passage. From this viewpoint, you can watch surfers at surprisingly close range, as the waves carry them across the front of the car park and down towards the island.

Essential Gear

Shoes for walking on rocks

How To Get There

Pea Soup Beach Carpark is well signed posted on Ocean Drive around 1.5km from the centre of Port Fairy. 


  • Rock scrambling
  • Beach walking
  • Swimming
  • Playing make believe

Skill Level


Distance Covered

Approximately 1km from Pea Soup Beach to the Passage


Stay tuned for more magical Port Fairy content! The whole team at We Are Explorers are heading down to the Port Fairy Adventure Film Festival and will be setting out on a guerrilla microadventure while we’re down there. It’s even been slotted into the schedule! Keep your eyes peeled for details!

Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect at the film fest!



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