50 people. 50 Microadventures. 1 year.


The Explorer Challenge, a grass roots project that sought random people around Sydney to do and document a unique weekend microadventure, has drawn to close.

It’s been an awesome journey and thank you to everyone who hopped aboard the explorer train. Having so many complete strangers take the time to join the movement made 3 key points abundantly clear:

  • People love adventure
  • People are time-poor
  • People are awesome

This is the basis for why I started We are Explorers in the first place and it’s been beyond exciting to see the platform grow during this 12 month project.

So what have been the key lessons learned from the Explorer Challenge? How can we all inject more microadventure into our lives? What can we do to adopt a more experience-fuelled lifestyle?

Here goes…

1) Its out there!

Adventure is a state of mind – it’s all around us at all times. It’s actually quite a liberating experience coming to this realisation. The sheer plethora of possibilities then become clear, particularly when you’re prepared to scratch beneath the surface. What we’re aiming to do with We are Explorers is make these opportunities available and accessible to all those curious souls out there in search of nourishment.

2) We want more microadventure in our lives.

It would seem a can of worms has been opened; such is the incredible response that we’re received since launching the site. The concept of microadventure makes escaping to the outdoors achievable for every single one of us, not just the super-human explorers that we’ve come to associate with adventure. One of the big hindrances to converting the ‘want’ to a ‘do’ though is finding people to go with. We started our Secret Escapes Series for this exact reason, and the response to this been nothing short of ridiculous (like 400 responses in 48 hours ridiculous!). We’re building a community after all and they’ll be plenty more of these, you can bet your bottom dollar on that. Until then, don’t be shy: find an adventure on this site, grab the bull by the balls and become ‘the organiser’ for a weekend away with a couple of mates. Put a shout out on our facebook page if you cant find anyone. We’re all on this quest for a more adventurous life together so you’ll be surprised what you’ll find.

3) You don’t need a lot of money.

All of the weekend trips we featured were done for less than $100. I can’t spend a Saturday morning in Sydney without getting sucked into spending the bulk of that on an overly-priced (albeit hungover-curing) breaky and flat white! That doesn’t even factor in the belly full of beers guzzled the night before. I remember rafting down the Colo River in a $10 k-mart inflatable in February with my best mates. Fuck knows what that poached egg on spinach tasted like the week before. Who says you even need a car? These trips were all done on public transport!

4) Microadventures make you happy.

The rewards of stepping out of your comfort zone to do something fresh, new and exciting have an immeasurably positive effect on your life. I’m yet to meet anyone who on reflection has not deemed the experience a bloody great idea with transformative qualities on other parts of their lives. Science backs this notion too. Studies have shown we’re actually hard-wired for adventure; our brains are literally programmed to pursue the dopamine chase (for survival purposes of course!). Lets not fight with science then folks, let’s do what we were born to do.

5) Time is our most precious commodity. Let’s use it wisely.

It doesn’t take a doctorate to realise the clock is a tickin’. We’re not the immortals we once thought we were. It’s a slightly unpleasant thought actually and one that isn’t worth dwelling on for the most part, but sometimes it’s worth entertaining the idea for a moment to induce action! The only option then is to live every nano-second to it’s fullest. The reality of modern society is that the majority of us have a 5 day:2 day work:play ratio. That’s 104 days a year + bank holidays…this is nearly a third of the year before you’ve even taken statutory holiday. That’s a bucket-load of microadventure time. You can even do overnighters mid-week if you’re going cold turkey by Wednesday.

You don’t need to travel the world for an epic adventure. Sydney is one of the greatest places in the world to microadventure – go explore!