Ok Explorers, it’s time. Stretch those hammies, limber up and get into position. We’ve been waiting four years for this opportunity. Be ready. Don’t waste it. It’s time to leap.

Oh, what a feeling! | Photo by Jono Tan

Tomorrow we’re all receiving a gift. A perfect little parcel of that one thing we always wish there was more of. Time. It’s a leap year baby and tomorrow is that sweet, succulent date, February 29. 

Lucky for us here Down Under we get these appetising, additional 24 hours tacked onto the end of summer. And to plop a cherry on top of this already mouth-watering dessert, Feb 29th is on a damn Saturday. You couldn’t ask for a better time to get more time. Grab your spoon and tuck in. 

So what are you gonna do with this whole extra day? 

Rachel Lewis jumprock

Do a flip | Photo by Rachel Lewis

Maybe you’ll set your alarm early and catch the sunriseAnd after witnessing the sun shine its rays on this scrumptious Saturday, you’ll just about be ready for a coffee and splash in the ocean (or nearest body of water).

Maybe you’ll kick it up a notch with a whole weekend of exploringOr perhaps you’d prefer to get away somewhere nice. Different. Unusual. 

February 29th is a big, delicious dessert just waiting to be devoured, so lick that bowl clean. 

Feature photo by Mitch Cox