If you’re hanging around on a lazy Sunday and you’re short of something to do, Knights Beach Walk in Port Elliot is the perfect getaway plan, just over an hour from Adelaide.

  • Unreal landscapes
  • Coastal walks
  • Swimming/ bodyboarding
Port Elliot

Grab a camera, your bathers and a couple of friends and explore an area that, if you’re from Adelaide, you probably thought you knew pretty well; Port Elliot.

Yes, the home of one of the best bakeries around, but also the home to some amazing landscapes, hidden coastal trails and stunning beaches.

Allow an hour to get from Adelaide and if possible try to plan your arrival for about an hour before sunset or sunrise, this will give you time to scope out what’s around before settling into capturing some amazing shots.

Lachy Giles knights beach trek port elliot adelaide south australia sa beach

The rock formations around Knights Beach are out of this world and with a very popular wave breaking to one side of the massive boulders and the coastal trail to the other there is always some good viewing to be had no matter which way you’re looking!

Don’t be fooled into thinking the short duration of the trail means there’s not a lot to explore, the local area has plenty more to offer besides this hidden little gem of a track! Nested between Chiton Rocks and the beaches of Middleton there are some insane stretches of coastline, readily accessible for those willing to explore.

So what are you waiting for? A day of adventure awaits.

A Word Of Warning

The swell around Knights Beach can be very large and the and the surrounding rocks can be wet, slippery and dangerous please be careful navigating around the area as you don’t want to slip and fall. If you stick to the paths and you’ll be fine!

Essential Gear
  • Camera
  • Swimming gear
How To Get There

The drive to Port Elliot is simple, follow the Southern Expressway towards Victor Harbour then turn left along the coastline to Pt. Elliot. To get to the start of the coastal trail you can take a right turn from Pt. Elliot road onto Rosseta Terrace. This will take your right to Merrilli Pl which is the location of Knights Beach and the start of the coastal trail.

  • Photography
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Bodyboarding
Skill Level

Walking (beginner)
Swimming/Bodyboarding (intermediate to expert depending on conditions)

Distance Covered

The trail itself extends for 1km along the coast but there are plenty of additional coastal trails nearby that can add to the duration of your exploration session.