Crap sleeping mats can mean less sleep that a new mother of triplets.

Camping doesn’t always scream comfort and when you’re living out of a backpack or tight for space you can’t exactly bring the queen-size bed with you. Sleeping mats have advanced enormously over recent years, and Klymit have been an integral part of this innovation process with an aim to balance comfort, warmth and of course, pack-down size.

One of their most popular creations is the Klymit Static V. We took it for a spin and let’s just say we realise why it’s a top seller.

Packing down smaller than a large can of beer and weighing in at 514g we felt that it was worth sacrificing the can of beer. This weight and size therefore make it a great choice for lightweight backcountry microadventurers who aren’t keen to abandon luxury.

The Static V has an ergonomic design (including dynamic side rails) and is constructed with highly durable materials, with air-chambers that minimise air movement which maintains maximum insulating performance. What’s more, even if you’re utterly bush-wacked after a big day’s hiking, you won’t need to save too much breath; it takes less than one minute to blow up.

To pick one up head here (and don’t forget to use the code WEARE to claim a free pillow).

All images by Jack Brookes (@jackjbrookes)