Exhilarating fun! Get a taste for kitesurfing, take your first lesson or perfect your latest trick with The Kite Bus in Batemans Bay. 



  • Learn to kitesurf in Batemans Bay 
  • Friendly, qualified and experienced instructors 
  • Lessons available for a variety of abilities



Kitesurfing is a safe, fun, exhilarating sport that embraces the elements. Suitable for kids to adults, learn to kitesurf with The Kite Bus’s friendly, qualified, and experienced instructors.

From flying techniques to safety you’ll be a master of the winds once the two hours are over! Lessons and progression courses are available for beginners to advanced with learning programs tailored to individual skills and abilities. And what a better place to learn than Batemans Bay? 



  • Introduction to kitesurfing 
  • Flying techniques
  • Safety & setup 
  • Body dragging techniques 



The Kite Bus, Kite Surfing Lesson, Batemans Bay


What’s included?

  • Kitesurfing Equipment 
  • Friendly, qualified and experienced instructor 


What do I need to bring?

  • Swimwear 
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Water


The Kite Bus, Kite Surfing Lesson, Batemans Bay



Location: Batemans Bay, South Coast NSW 

Tour Provider: The Kite Bus 

Duration: 2 hours

Price per person: $180 per person 

Group Size: Private lesson

Difficulty: Beginner-Advanced 




The Kite Bus, Kite Surfing Lesson, Batemans Bay