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The new Kathmandu Artist Series tees feature the mystical artwork of Nepalese artist Shraddha Shrestha. In the print, a yeti carries a doko (Nepalese backpack) stuffed with clouds through fields of rhododendron and across Himalayan peaks, lit by the light of a mandala sun.

It’s pretty cool. Shraddha Shrestha is a young female artist who mixes traditional symbols and script from the Kathmandu valley with street-art style to produce modern designs infused with cultural history and experience. The yeti, for example, is a mythical creature believed to walk the high paths of the Himalayas but Shraddha notes that school children in Nepal do the same on a daily basis.

Growing up in a traditional Indigenous Newar family, she’s uniquely placed to produce such striking cultural representations.

You can hear Shraddha talk more about her work in this video.

The Australian Himalayan Foundation

A career as an artist isn’t common in Nepal, given the hardships of day to day life and the relatively young modern art scene. In 2016 Shraddha Shrestha won an Australian Himalayan Foundation Fellowship, which allowed her to exhibit her work properly and dedicate more time to her craft.

Kathmandu is a brand from New Zealand that’s named after the capital city of Nepal. All kinds of adventurers, from backpackers to alpinists, journey there to answer the call of the mountains. And (for good reason) create a bunch of memories they’ll never shut up about.

This means that the Kathmandu brand has big ties to Nepal, so collaborating with a Nepalese artist was a no-brainer. In fact, they’re donating $5 from every purchase to the Australian Himalayan Foundation. Get a sweet new tee, support earthquake rebuild efforts and encourage the unique Nepalese art scene? Too easy.


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