Barely 2 hours drive southwest of Sydney lies the unspoiled paradise of the Kangaroo Valley. Lying within Morton National Park, the fact that the town has officially been named Australia’s first ‘plastic bag free town’ gives an indication of the population (about 3 people live there), but also that you’re highly unlikely to stumble across a scaghead’s syringe or doggy paddle into a condom fish.

With 100s of km of rivers running through it, the valley is best seen by canoe, robotic dolphin or aqua jet-pack. Being tight-fisted vagabonds, we opted for the former courtesy of Kangaroo Valley Canoes, and a right jolly time was had!

15 of us paddled with the current for two days and with little wind, there was a surprising lack of moaning from Crispo. He appeared to lack complaint altogether – too busy marveling at the beauty of his immediate surroundings.

Kangaroo Valley Canoeing, black and white canoe

The river is absolutely spectacular, weaving its way through the valley like a Vietnamese serpent.

Private Island Camping

Before long, we beached on our private (needless to say, free) island. Conveniently, just in time for a char-grilled banquet and a game of twister.

We found a rope swing that dreams are made of. Turfey and I perfected the syncronised backflip; Susi wet herself on seeing a Huntsman the size of a saucepan in Neil and Sally’s vessel; Tom showed us the textbook way to row a boat gently down the stream; Ross almost drowned saving Adam who thought a solo midnight paddle was a genius idea; Rachel showed us all how power couples glide through the water; Holly proved there isn’t anything wrong with a game of twister in the valleys; Dan and Ems displaced several species of animals from the national park during a mid-river squabble and Debbie showed us all how to contort one’s face into the maddest of maddest cowie faces!

This weekend was an absolute blast!

To see the vid of this awesome weekend escape, click here.

group shot

Paddle dreamers…

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