Only a 6 hour drive from Perth, a long weekend is all you need to explore the wonders of Kalbarri National Park (although you’ll want to stay for longer). From soaring coastal cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean to mangrove fishing on the Murchison, this gem provides all the goods.


  • Kalbarri National Park wonders
  • The Loop Gorge Trail
  • Fishing on the banks of the Murchison
  • Sunsets at Pot Alley
  • Astrophotography

Kalbarri National Park

Eager to make the most of a long weekend, we decided to spend a night in Geraldton to beat the traffic and catch a glimpse of both the wildflowers and Pink Lake at Port Gregory.

Once we reached Kalbarri National Park we quickly unpacked and shot off to our first destination, the coastal cliffs. With about a dozen or so beaches and cliffs, we spent a good day exploring the lot, each with something different to offer. If you’re up for a small trek, the Bigurda Trail is a cruisy 8km walk that hugs the coastline.

There are plenty of spots to fish, swim and whale watch along the way. Searching for the perfect way to finish the day, we backed up the car on the beach and watched the sun go down with brew in hand.

Up and about before the sun on day 2, we headed out for a day full of gorge trekking. I recommend getting out there early morning as once the tour buses swarm you’ll struggle to get a decent photo. Among some unbelievable views from above the gorges, the high points included; The Loop hike and Z-Bend hike. Both treks range in difficulty but are well worth the time, with the bottom of the gorge offering secluded swimming spots and an overall tranquillity you can’t get on top.

Hot Tip: Minimal wind in the gorges makes an 18-degree day feel twice as hot. Pack plenty of water and slurp it up.

Essential Gear

  • Hiking boots or good trainers
  • Jacket
  • Hat, sunscreen, water
  • Camera

How To Get There

Head north on the State Route 60 then onto National Route 1 from Perth. When you reach Northhampton, turn left onto State Route 139 until you arrive at Kalbarri National Park


  • Stargazing
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Surfing

Skill Level

Beginner – intermediate depending on which hike you choose.

Distance Covered

Burgundy Trail – 8km

The Loop – 8km

Z-Bend – 1.4km return