Australian ultrarunner Jacqui Bell is aiming to become the youngest person to run an ultramarathon on every content. At 24, with 250km+ races in Africa, Mongolia, Chile, Antarctica, and New Zealand under her belt, she’s well on her way to achieving her goal.

Jacqui knocked off continent number six last week. The 250km multi-stage ‘Fire and Ice’ ultramarathon in Iceland brought up the big 1500km since the challenge began, but that doesn’t mean it’s getting easier! The race featured tough volcanic terrain, and even a dust storm to contend with.

Still, it must be getting a little easier. Jacqui came in first place in the female category of her last race, and 11th overall.

One To Go!

The final race is the Grand to Grand Ultra in the United States. The 273km race features 6 stages over a week from the 22nd of August. You can follow Jacqui’s progress over at her Instagram or if you can hold on, there’ll be a doco at the Women’s Adventure Film Tour that’s kicking off this month.


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