How good does the week leading up to a long weekend feel? The taste of three long days of freedom on your lips, coupled with the sweet, sweet knowledge that daylight savings starts right in the middle of it all. Mmmmmmm. 

We’ve got one helluva long weekend coming up. So don’t you dare leave those three days unwrung of every last ounce of adventure and fun. You’ll be kicking yourself come Tuesday if you do.

Whether you’re all set to take on a multi-day trip or totally blanked on the long weekend and plan to fill it with last-minute microadventures, make sure you get your butt outside! Fill your lungs with fresh air. Stare at the stars. Dive into that salty sea. Recharge your soul, man.

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88 Hours Of Power

Don’t let those 88 hours between 5pm on Friday and 9am on Tuesday go to waste! That’s a damn long time! How much adventure can you squeeeeeeze into it?

We’ll see you out there!


Feature photo by @tim_ashelford

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