Janina Kuzma is a fiercely competitive half-pipe and big mountain olympic skier from New Zealand. And when I say competitive, she would give Queen Boudica and Venus Williams a run for their money (or Roman coinage).

Have you ever played the ‘Roxanne’ drinking game? It’s pretty simple: you drink every time Sting calls “Roxanne” in The Police’s classic song from the 1970’s. 

Granted, it’s not quite the thinking man’s drinking game, but nevertheless resulted in multiple hangover investigations during my uni days, with Roxanne a prime suspect.

Which brings me to this video produced by The North Face. If I had to drink every time Janina Kuzma says the word competitive (or a derivation of), I’d be three sheets to the wind.

She embodies the word, from helmet to ski-tip. Her grit determination and professionalism is something to be greatly admired though and as she gears up for the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, this short film highlights her state of mind and rigorous training schedule. To the point of actually infecting those that watch it with her competitiveness.

(Oh, and in case you thought you weren’t, maybe you actually ARE competitive after all.)


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