Fumbling around on devices to book spontaneous camping trips in Australia is a head-bangingly tedious task. Australian start-up Aircamp are here to save your foreheads.

If you got a problem, yo, i’ll solve it

These days, it seems that all of life’s quandaries have an app-developing Vanilla Ice fan hot on it’s heels. The big issues, and the not so big issues. For example, some grass-smoking boffin made an app that let’s fellow bong hitters track how high they can throw their phone in the air with the S.M.T.H app (Send Me To Heaven):

And for one of life’s most pressing questions, there’s an app that even tells you if it’s dark outside.

Joking aside, apps can add some serious value to our lives in lots of extraordinary ways. For outdoor-adventure mongrels like ourselves there are some real gems out there that can enhance the experience, be it navigation, safety or even edible-fungi spotting.

I suppose it’s only inevitable then that campsite-bookings got the wizard treatment too.

Introducing Aircamp

If you’re anything like me, planning tends to take a backseat on road trips. Spontaneity is it’s core ingredient and i’ve lost count of the times my fellow escapees have painstakingly searched clunky websites to find and book suitable places on the fly. We inevitably end up sleeping on the side of the road somewhere in a kind of sexually-devoid rompfest.

“It shouldn’t be this hard!” is a politely toned-down translation of a common in-transit outburst.

So when an app developing wilderness junkie called me up proclaiming his desire to “Vanilla-Ice the shit out this problem”, my ears duly perked.

Aircamp is on a quest to make it simple to find campsites near you and to book there and then. Launching in Spring, it’s a free platform that aims to change the camping game for good.

We Are Explorers is helping the team kick things off. If it’s something you think will support you in exploring the Aussie outdoors then please check out the site and sign up for the next steps. #iceicebaby.