Short and punchy adventure film Ironstone, tells the story of the seven year mission to make the first through-trip of Ironstone Cave, a newly discovered cave in the deep wilderness of New Zealand’s South Island. 


It’s hard to imagine there are many truly undiscovered places left in the world. But back in 2009, New Zealand caver Tony Salmon, came across the entrance to an untouched cave in Ironstone Gorge on the north coast of New Zealand’s South Island. Safe to say, he was stoked.

Tony explored 750m into the cave by himself, before deciding it was too dangerous to go on alone. But like many caving types, Tony was eager to get back to the cave and discover what lay beyond.

Ironstone follows the seven year, 2.2km journey from the cave’s bottom entrance back to the surface, through a landscape untouched and unseen by humans ever before. 

Watch the trailer and tell me you’re not enticed to hire out the whole film right now. 




Feature photo by Neil Silverwood