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You probably associate The North Face with sketchy first ascents, daring continental crossings or mind-altering feats of human endurance. We certainly did. So when the crew behind the gear got in touch about their new “Homestead” range, designed for a “comfortable camping experience” we were more than a little intrigued.

How’d we make sure this glampy gear was up to task? We did what we always do: shoved it all in the boot and shot down the coast for an action packed weekend away.

The Homestead Range did not disappoint, even a hiking gear fanatic like yours truly was impressed with the ease of use and cool aesthetic The North Face has pulled off.

Now that it’s Explorer approved, we’re happy to announce that we’re partnering with The North Face to launch The Homestead Range in Australia and New Zealand. Check it out!

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Homestead Domey 3

The Domey 3 is the kind of tent you want to spend time in, not just a nylon cocoon to dive into at the end of the night.

Favourite Features:
  • 3 person means 3 person – The Domey 3 bucked the trend and actually fit 3 of us and our gear. The 3 doors and hexagon shape meant we each got an exit too.
  • Mesh skylight – Perfect for stargazing and ventilation, we had something to look at during our deep and meaningfuls while keeping the mozzies at bay.
  • Waterproof single wall design – This made it a breeze to pitch. And there’s a tiny fly to cover the skylight if the rain sets in.

Homestead Shelter

This is the big mutha. The Homestead shelter is intended to be the ground zero of campsite chillin’. It’s light and easy to set up but tall enough to stand up in and sturdy if the wind picks up.

Favourite Features:
  • It’s big – So big in fact that it will swallow most picnic tables, giving you rain (or sun) protection. Most shelters this size are much heavier and bulkier.
  • Clever design – The mesh sunshades hook up to become gear lofts and built in clothes lines were perfect for drying towels and swimmers.
  • Distinctive patterns – The Homestead Range is all about bright colours and exciting patterns that aren’t the norm for camping gear. They’re perfect for finding your crew’s festival basecamp.

john wolfson, the north face, homestead collection, homestead shelterx

Homestead Snackle Box

Ever been forced to nestle your cold beers, dips and snacks in with your clean clothes and speakers? We have. The Snackle Box (get it?) has two compartments. Genius.

Favourite Features:
  • Two compartments – One waterproof, insulated compartment for snacks n’ drinks, the other for, well, everything else.
  • Burly design – Taking cues from The North Face’s expedition duffels, the stitching and materials on this bag are bombproof.
  • Built in bottle opener –  This bottle opener can’t be removed, so we never forgot one all weekend!

Drift 55 Backpack

55 Litres is a sweet spot for an overnight pack, but we also liked the versatility the Drift 55 had on offer.

Favourite Features:
  • 9 Pockets – Pockets are a lifestyle. Having 9 of them allowed for god-like organisation. Also hip belt pockets are awesome and should be mandatory.
  • Sleeping bag access – This simple feature saved us emptying our pack before getting ready to sleep. It’s a no-brainer but lots of packs don’t do it.
  • Compression straps – These keep the bag feeling centred when it’s half full – surprisingly useful.

the north face, homestead collection, daytripper, backpack

Homestead Roadtripper

The Roadtripper is a nugget. A tough little nugget of gear stowing goodness. If you’re looking for a day-to-day hauler, from crag to coffee shop, you can probably stop now.

Favourite Features:
  • External pockets – We hate having to open up our pack to grab our bottles, but many brands are getting rid of external bottle pockets for some reason…did we miss something? Is there wireless water now?
  • Bottle Opener 9 Hooks – 9 hooks are those funny sliding clips that outdoor packs often use for durability. The North Face worked out how to also make them bottle openers. Cheerin’

john wolfson, the north face, homestead collection, domey 3, water, dive, hero, tent


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