The Simple Livers first caught our eye a few months ago when their Instagram feed appeared to resemble a group of yetis with a fetish for mid-winter escapes to the Australian Alps. It seemed they liked nothing more than spending days at a time backcountry trekking and skiing. We like the fibre of their fabric.

So what makes these adventure frothers tick? Meet The Simple Livers.

Who are the Simple Livers?

The Simple Livers are just a couple of guys loving everything outdoors! Mountains, Oceans and everywhere in between!

What is Simple Livers all about and do you have an underlying philosophy?

Explore. Adventure. Discover. But what people don’t know is that there are so many insane experiences to be had here in our own backyard. It is often that people look abroad for adventure. Australia has incredible backcountry, oceans and general wilderness to explore that most people have never seen and that are only a couple of dollars and a matter of hours from their front door.

So what are you trying to do?

Show you the amazing adventures to be had out in nature and help you guys get out there yourselves.

Interview // The Simple Livers Henry Brydon THE SIMPLE LIVERS ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY

Why did you start this amazing adventure project?

A couple of us were down in Jindabyne doing a few hikes and we thought it would be an awesome idea to begin to document our adventures everywhere. We all love different aspects of nature and figured it would be awesome to share all those in one place.

You’re all young guys who connect through adventure, what is it about the outdoors that you love so much?

Nature was created unbelievably powerful, beautiful and challenging. It prompts big questions and brings real answers. The design of nature is incredible and there is nothing much better than experiencing these things with friends.

What has been the big highlight of all your adventures in Australia so far?

Has to be exploring Australian Backcountry and skiing out there well into October!

We think that everyone can bring more adventure into their lives. How would you suggest people inspired by your trips live a life filled with more microadventures?

Just make it happen. Instead of heading out for Friday night and writing yourself off for Saturday, try jumping in a car with a couple of mates,  drive somewhere a couple of hours away, spend Saturday doing whatever adventure you wanted to do there and then come back Saturday night. You can have an entire day of adventuring without losing any productive time on Friday or Sunday. Easy.

Interview // The Simple Livers Henry Brydon simple livers

What are your top 3 spots for microadventure near Sydney?

Blue Mountains, Jindabyne (not really close to Sydney but there are so many things to do regardless of the season and all are still doable in a weekend!) and the Royal National Park in Sydney’s south.

Any dream destinations and adventures that you’d love to visit in Australia but haven’t yet?

It’s a never ending exploration list! Northern WA coastline, remote areas of NSW backcountry, South Western Tasmanian Wilderness, skiing in Tasmania, Mungo National Park — and so on.

What is your ultimate goal for Simple Livers?

Showing people our adventures both overseas and in Australia and helping them become equipped to get out there themselves and live simply!

To follow these go-getters and be inspired by their epic story-telling and photography, check out their wander-dribbling Instagram feed.

Interview // The Simple Livers Henry Brydon simple livers


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