We’ve got our hands on a Dometic Hayman 4 AIR Inflatable Tent, valued at $1400, and we want you to have it!

Why an Inflatable Tent?

I know what you’re thinking, ‘What the heck is an inflatable tent?’. Trust me, I was confused for a while too. All I could picture was a jumping castle or that camping scene from the Parent Trap

When I looked into it a bit more, I realised inflatable tents are pretty rad, and although you’re not going to be stuffing one in your pack for an overnight hike, they’re perfect for those long, luxurious camp trips where comfort is key, and are so quick to pitch, you could even take them out for single night, with less set up fuss than a regular tent.



Take the Dometic Hayman 4 AIR Inflatable Tent for example – its multi-point inflation and Durable AirPoles make it super easy to set up (no tent poles to wrangle with).

It provides spacious sleeping and living areas which are high enough for adults to stand up (for those rainy days where you’re stuck in the tent), and the Weathershield 68D material is incredibly weather-resistant (no floating mattresses here).

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So How Can I Win One?

We want you to experience the benefits of an inflatable tent for yourself! 

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Photos by @brodyexplores