Long road trips are part and parcel of exploring Australia. Like selfies to a narcissist and all-nighters to a DJ; it just comes with the territory.

No matter where you decide to drive to in the land where women glow and men plunder, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’ll require a large chunk of time confined to the five doors of your adventure mobile.

Whilst picking a mark on the window and making it jump over things can provide some form of hypnotic entertainment, when your radio’s replaced its tunes with static and you’re scratching at the car’s upholstery, it’s time for some road trip games.

We’ve picked out five that we recently trialed on our road trip from Sydney to Byron Bay with BMW Australia. Hopefully these will add a little ‘va va vroom’ to your next epic road trip in Australia.

# 1 Rego Plate Olympics

A guessing game in which everyone in the car each estimates the total value of numbers on a passing registration plate (sounds lame but bare with us). The player who guesses closest to the actual value (confirmed by the passengers) scores 1 point, or if they guess the number on the nose, 3 points. The player furthest away loses 1 point.

Depending on your eagerness (and remoteness) this could be played over quite a long period of time.

Agreeing on an intimidating forfeit for the loser is also highly recommended for added banter. Fill up petrol at the next stop in only a G-string? Eat the 3-week old apple core between the seat cushions? Your call; the wackier the better.

# 2 Lip Dub Game

Pick a particularly random, multi-part song from your playlist and learn every word off by heart. Once you’ve got the lyrics nailed, think about your performance and throw in some ‘Broadway flare’. Then hit record and upload to youtube.

To whet your appetite, here’s an example of a friend and I doing THAT song from Frozen.


What can I say, long drives can sometimes send you round the bend…

# 3 Mobile Beatbox

We’ve all watched Police Academy and marvelled at the copper’s superhuman voice box. Well, here’s your chance to create your own very own mobile beat box. Starting with the front passenger, in the first round you each create a sound using your hands and any car-related implement (driver exempt from this round). The second round, you’ll each add a voice/noise track to the ever building track. Third round, anything goes.

# 4 Terroriser

Visit a costume shop before your road trip and grab yourself the most horrifying mask you can get your hands on. IT Clown is highly recommended; there’s always a narcoleptic in the group so it’s probably best you pick on this person. Once they’re out cold let the nearest person don the mask, getting as close to the asleep person’s face as physically possible. Then scream.


# 5 Music War

Two people compete in this definitive music battle whilst everyone else judges. Judges first decide on a theme (could be something innocent and open-ended like “food” to something more niche like “racial conflict in the 1960s”), then the competitors are each given 60 seconds to find the songs on their phones that relate to the theme in some way, directly or indirectly (title, particular lyric, music style, artist name etc).

Competitors then take turns playing 30 seconds of each song out loud. Each competitor plays three songs, alternating back and forth. Then the judges decide which competitor best interpreted the theme. Winner stays to face the next challenger.


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