The Hump Ridge Track might sit on the bottom of the South Island, but it’s ranking high in the stakes to become New Zealand’s newest Great Walk.

Located in the Fiordland National Park and Tuatapere area, the Hump Ridge Track is a 3-day, 61km walking track. The stunning route takes trampers from alpine highs, to coastal lows, delivering a rugged and challenging experience.

Hump Ridge is one of three routes being considered by the DOC, alongside the Te Paki Coastal Track and the Queen Charlotte Track. While Te Paki is still in the running for an upgraded status, the Queen Charlotte Track is out of the race due to concerns over availability of public access along the route.

Before Hump Ridge becomes a Great Walk, the DOC plans to make it even greater. Around $5 million is being earmarked for improvements, extending the route to 3 nights in the process.

‘This will be a fantastic addition to New Zealand’s Great Walks network. The Track provides access to a spectacular southern coastline and forests, dramatic alpine tops and historic viaducts. Hump Ridge offers the walker remote and unforgettable beauty and history,’ says Eugenie Sage

Improvements to the Hump Ridge Track aren’t set to be completed until late 2022, you can still make the two-hour drive from Queenstown to check it out in its current state. There are currently three options for the walk, with basic, luxury and guided experiences available. Like many hut-based hikes in New Zealand, you need to book in advance, so get out the diary and book in some annual leave!


Feature photo by Hump Ridge Track Ltd

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