(Feature Image: The Dream Cabin, Wollemi Cabins, Photo by Jochen Spencer)

Sometimes we all need a private haven that lets us unwind and breathe a little deeper. A rustic and comfortable outdoor experience cocooned by nature that enables us to completely break free from the obsessive mobile phone thumb scroll, morning commute and predictability of the daily grind.

Cabins are just the ticket to breaking free.

We’ve got a 7-step strategy to planning the perfect cabin escape, with photos and links to NSW cabins that’ll fuel your wanderlust.

1. Find your cabin

It’s become easier than ever to discover a beautiful little cabin with your name on it. Stayz and AirBnB are the obvious go-to’s with a huge array to pick from, but cast your eye over LoveBirds and Glamping Hub too.

Paddy's river cottage

Paddy’s River Cottage, Tumbarumba, NSW

2. Go small

The tinier and cosier the better. Huddle around the wood-burner and warm the cockles. Smaller places naturally encourage you to properly hangout out with those you’ve escaped with (and when you’re fed up of board games, at least you’re only a few feet from the great outdoors).

The Peak at Mount Kanimbla

The Peak at Mount Kanimbla, Blue Mountains, NSW

3. Switch Off

No mobile reception is a blessing, not a curse in the wild – it forces you to disconnect. We recommend turning your phones off for the entire weekend. Be focused, mindful and at one with your surroundings. Take a safety beacon for emergencies. Or learn smoke signals.

The Woolshed (photo by Astan Croft)

The Woolshed, Blue Mountains, NSW (photo by Astan Croft)

4. Unpack everything first

The minute you walk through the cabin door, unpack everything. The sooner this is done, the sooner your new house will feel like your second home.

The perfect Winter escape

The perfect Winter escape

 5. Stock up

Take your coffee roaster and a bottle of single malt. There may even be trout in the nearby river so don’t forget your rod (the confident ones among you wont bring any other supplies, but we’d advise against this). Get your essentials on the way down so you don’t have to leave for the shops again. Buy local organic fruit, meat, vegetables and local craft brews – it will help you connect further to your new home in the wild.

Kilfeacle Farm Cottage, Milton

Kilfeacle Farm Cottage, Milton, NSW

6. Fix up, look sharp

It’s nearing Winter, so  pack your lumberjack shirt, a thick pair of socks and a cowboy hat. If it’s Summer, pack your lumberjack shirt, a thick pair of socks and a cowboy hat. You’ll look badass.

cabin the peak

Ilkley Cottages (The Peak), Mudgee

7. Soak it Up

The key to the perfect weekend escape is a lack of disturbance from anything at all (although sometimes its challenging to avoid those annoying birds first thing in the morning). Take your chair out to the deck, soak up the tranquility and smile.


Bellawongarah at Berry, NSW

So which ones aren’t on the list but should be? Please leave your suggestions in the comments box below…