Calling all Sydneysiders! Grab your phone, your diary, the back of your hand and a biro… because we’ve got a date you won’t want to forget.

On Tuesday 18th June the We Are Explorers crew will be hitting up General Assembly to talk all things adventure – and how adventure can 100% coexist with a career.

The event’s called How To Live More Adventurously and it’s sure to be inspiring as heck.

From the art of the microadventure to the power of personal challenges, from personal growth to keeping an adventure/career balance, we’ll be discussing it all.


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Meet The Crew

Henry Brydon – founder of We Are Explorers whose adventures include cycling 38,000km from London to Sydney

Heather Porter – event organiser at We Are Explorers, who last year quit the corporate world to hike the Pacific Crest Trail solo

Tim Ashelford – editor of We Are Explorers, who packs his life with as much climbing, trail running, surfing, and generally living the good life as he can

Brooke Nolan – outdoor reporter and features writer, who balances working full time with cramming everyday adventures into every spare space in-between

If you’ve been wondering how to inject more outdoor stoke into your life, or pondering where exactly you can find your crew of fellow dirtbags, you’re not going to want to miss this.


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