We reckon it’s time for you to Explore Your Backyard. We’ve made it super straightforward, so you can fang out the door the moment restrictions are eased.


Just to clarify, we’re not talking about the patch of grass with a BBQ behind your house, though if you’ve got one you’ve probably become pretty well-acquainted with it recently!

We’re talking about your local. Your local beaches, mountains and valleys. The nearby nature that you can escape to at the drop of a hat for a weekend jaunt, afternoon off or even a cheeky lunch break #workingfromhome.

‘Local’ includes further afield stuff too. We’re talkin’ long road trips, seeing parts of Aus that most never see, and supporting local communities in the process. We launched Explore Your Backyard for exactly this reason; to get regional towns and adventure tour providers back on their feet.

That’s where you come in.

How To Explore Your Backyard


Step 1

Head to the Explore Your Backyard Page.

explore your backyard, menu

Step 2

Choose your adventure hub.

Explore Your Backyard Landing Pages Screenshot

Step 3

Scour the map for adventures near you. Got something in mind? Click ‘Advanced Map Search’ to use all of our map filters.

explore your backyard, map

Step 4

Need some inspiration? Scroll on down for our favourite lists, microadventures, hikes and adventure tours.

explore your backyard, best hikes

Step 5

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Feature photo by @kate_miles_