As you can tell by now, we’ve been having a ridiculously fun time travelling around Indonesia. It’s a country riddled with adventure, wonderful people and food that sends taste buds into rave-mode.

Have you seen what we’ve been up to?

We’ve been using Skyscanner for the past few years to book travel across Australia and the world. For those that don’t use the platform (or haven’t been using it to it’s full potential) we just wanted to highlight some their top features that’ll ensure you bag yourself the cheapest airfares possible for your next trip to Indonesia or further afield.

Find the Cheapest Month

First thing to do if you’re flexible is click the cheapest month to travel within the search bar.


Pick your Location

Sit back, do some armchair travel and pick your destination within Indonesia.


Find the Cheapest Day

Then you’ll want to use the calendar and chart functions to enable you to pinpoint the least expensive day to travel.

skyscanner-4 skyscanner3

Set a Price Alert

If you don’t to book there and then, we’d recommend setting yourself a cheeky price alert; this’ll ensure you’re fully up-to-date with decreases (or increases) in the flight price.

skyscanner-5(Don’t forget, Skyscanner do not charge a booking fee)

We hope our adventures around Flores have inspired you to explore the islands yourself one day. Take a few minutes to check out Skyscanner and see if you can go yourself in 2017.

Any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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