For the last four months, Tasmanian Stef Gebbie has been trotting through Australia on horseback. She’s about to hit the desert and cross the Nullarbor Plain. Why? Why not!

I’m sure you’ve heard of the monster road trip that is crossing the Nullarbor Plain. Home to Australia’s longest, straightest road, it splits through the outback and connects far-west South Australia with the country’s western coast. While it makes up the majority of the 40hr, arid drive from Adelaide to Perth – it’s going to take Stef a little longer. 

Along The Straight, Narrow and Boring

For the next two months, the adventure with three-year-old Micky and seventeen-year-old Mr Richard continues, as they trot across what Stef describes as the ‘most boring road in Australia’.

Hoofing It Across The Nullarbor, desert, horse head, dirt road

‘I suppose there’s always a why behind everything, but as I don’t suppose you want my whole life story, the short answer behind why I’m doing this trip is because I am happiest when outdoors on some kind of expedition,’ says Stef.

‘I’ve always wanted to cross a continent on horseback, and with Mr Richard not getting any younger, now seemed the perfect time to hit the road.’

Straight To The Horse’s Mouth

With one horse carrying their camping gear and food while the other is ridden by Stef, the trio have been camping roadside through South Australia and Victoria, trying to not get taken out by trucks and making sure the horses are fed.

Hoofing It Across The Nullarbor, dirt road, horse, woman

‘Horse travel has its own challenges. You quickly learn that your whole life will have to revolve around your horses’ stomachs. But the most rewarding part of this trip is just being able to spend time with them. The only thing I really have to worry about out here is whether or not they’re happy – and as long as they’re fed, they’re pretty much always happy,’ says Stef.

The More The Merrier

Stef was planning to hoof it over alone until a friend, wanting in on the adventure, reached out a couple of weeks before they began the Nullarbor trot, offering to drive a support car and tow a float full of hay – extremely slowly.

Hoofing It Across The Nullarbor, horse head, sign, road

‘It was hardly something I could say no to! So now one of the horses gets to run around naked every day,’ Stef says.

She’s predicting another four months on the road for her, Mr Richard and Micky and is keeping everyone updated via her Facebook and Instagram.


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