What is it?

From September 2014, we’re setting out on a journey. By we, I mean us, and by us that could actually mean you.

We’re each going to challenge ourselves to try out a new weekend adventure somewhere in NSW that will satisfy our collective desire to experience something intrepid and ridiculously fun. Seeing as this incredible place we’re lucky to call home is quite literally teeming with adventurous possibilities, there’s certainly no shortage of opportunities on our doorstep. Just by entering, you’ll also be in the running to win some absolutely awesome adventure prizes.

I’m looking for 50 people to pursue 50 unique weekend adventures in NSW

But what sort of weekend trip am I talking about? Do you need to be some kind of uber-adventurer’?

This challenge is for everyone. No matter whether you’ve slept in a home-made snow cave, slurped from a camel’s bladder to survive a desert crossing, or never even gone camping or set foot on a walking trail, its about setting an ambitious goal that is personal and challenging for you, and then just doing it!

I’d like us all to scratch beneath the surface of the classic ‘things to do around Sydney’ and get a little more imaginative with what’s out there! Ride through the Kangaroo Valley on horseback? Sleep in a cave in the Blue Mountains? Climb a peak in the Snowy Mountains? Try to be open-minded and strive to do something that will genuinely challenge you and in return send you swaggering back to your desk on Monday morning with an enviable grin of satisfaction. For anyone struggling with ideas, I’ll be sharing suggestions in the coming weeks to help you plan something amazing. For other inspiration check out this, thisthis or even this.

If you’re even the slightest bit intrigued, I ask you to take my word for it and join in. All you need to do is pledge your own adventure idea with a photo and hashtag #weareexplorers, and then simply follow through with your plan this summer…that’s plenty of time to pull one’s finger out of the proverbial, and do it!!

I really hope you can be part of The Explorer Challenge:

  • Decide on an outdoor adventure that excites you, then pledge your idea on facebook, twitter or instagram with a photo and hashtag #weareexplorers
  • Your weekend adventure should be something you’ve never done before, and take place somewhere in NSW
  • Go with as few or as many people as possible. Encourage your mates and colleagues to get involved.
  • Share your progress, updates and photos with the hashtag #weareexplorers
  • Once completed, I only ask that you write a short story on your adventure and send it with 3-5 photos to [email protected] for publication on this website to promote how incredible NSW is. You may even win an absolutely epic adventure prize.
  • Sign up to the newsletter for updates on the challenge, inspiration, encouragement and ideas!