The stereotype of adventurers as gruff, bearded blokes is slowly changing, but films like HOME help really challenge the status quo.


British adventurer Sarah Outen is a ‘real’ person. That’s how Jemima Robinson, Australian producer of Home, introduces the film. It might sound strange, but in a world where ‘adventure’ is still exceedingly straight, white and cis-gendered, Home might actually be a breath of fresh air.

Now in her mid-30s, Sarah’s an LGBT woman who’s open about her character flaws. But that doesn’t stop her undertaking a momentous 32,186km solo journey, spread out over four years and incorporating rowboats, bikepacking and kayaks.



The film was put together using hundreds of hours of footage and ultimately, is a story of emotional acceptance. We can’t wait.

Home premiered in Australia on October 1st in selected cinemas.


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