Legendary freeskier Eric Hjorleifson has gathered a loyal following thanks to his sporadic social posting, pushing the limits of ski gear and of course, sending huge mountain lines. HOJI is a film that lifts the lid on one of skiing’s most influential figures.


HOJI Official Trailer


Most pro-skiers would struggle to fill even part of a film with the quality of big mountain skiing that Hjorleifson hits back to back in HOJI. He manoeuvres waxed fibreglass like he was born in bindings. Just check out his Insta feed @hojboss for the latest ski cont…

Actually, don’t. He’s only posted 10 times this year. But mystery is one of the things that makes Hjorleifson so special. It’s possibly even helped his fame, as stories have snowballed, seemingly exaggerated, only to be backed up by a film like this one.

We’re not sure if Hjorleifson actually cares though. He’s definitely not posting about his social media detox. If he’s not totally off-grid chasing a storm then he’s probably out the back of some shop, grinding and tightening his kit for the next adventure. Hey Hoji, send some of that pow downunder!


We’re screening HOJI on a rooftop in Melbourne with Arc’teryx on the 5th of July. Throw on your best retro ski jacket and come hang, it’s going to be a rad night.