No wheels? No worries! Here are some of the best hikes near Melbourne that you can access by public transport.

It’s almost the weekend, so what are you going to do? You probably should do the washing- sleeping in wouldn’t go amiss. Then breakfast and coffee- a Sunday sesh, then suddenly it’s Sunday night and bam, the weekend’s over.

It’s Monday morning, and you find yourself wondering- what the fuck did I just do for two days?

My last weekend was a little different. I went on an overnight hike. For the very first time. Via public transport.

When this idea was proposed to me, I was less that enthusiastic. Although I am doing Oct-Sober at the moment and am therefore looking for ways to distract myself from invitations such as, ‘hey, you wanna come round and crack open the home brew?’ the thought of getting on a bus and walking for two days with only a thin rubber mat to sleep on sounded invariably shit.

But oh, dear reader, how wrong I was.

I won’t go into every detail, because I want to leave some mystery to it so you can experience it for yourself (also, I have a word limit). What I will speak to is the outcome of this weekend adventure. Come Sunday night, I found myself invigorated and energised for the week ahead. I went to bed without that feeling of dread in my stomach for Monday morning, because what I realised was this; that feeling of dread you get on Sunday night isn’t a fear of Monday or the week ahead, it’s a regret that you’ve wasted your precious time on the weekend.

I can honestly say, this was the best way to not waste time I have ever come across.

Here’s a choice of two great over night hikes you can get to via public transport next weekend. I’m jealous already.

Wilsons Promontory, Light Station Hike

This is a spectacular circular costal walk that takes you to the most southern tip of Victoria. An overnight stay in Little Waterloo Bay will have you ready and rested for the next day’s hike back. See if you can spot seals and whales as you make you way around the blustery point.

Getting there: Get on a train from Southern Cross to Foster. There are shuttle busses from Foster to Tidal River Camping Grounds. All hikes leave from there.

Wilsons Prom Jack Brookes

Photo credit: Jack Brookes

The Grampians

With its gigantic views, ancient trees and spectacular stones, these mountains feel like the earth is flashing us a big toothy grin. There are a number of hikes around these hills, and the more time you have, the better. If you’ve only got one night, the Northern walk will take you 6 ½ hours to Mt Thackeray Hiker Campsite, where you can soak up the rain forest, the beautiful star studded sky and the silence of nature.

Getting there: V/Line runs daily train services from Southern Cross Station direct to Ararat with connecting coach services to Harrop Track Car Park.

grampians Kieran Stone

Photo credit: Kieran Stone