Getting outside is the current obsession. From weddings to Instagram feeds, everyone’s getting that #wholesome nature time under their lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking belts. But if you want more than the usual lookouts and drive-in campsites, to get out there by foot, wheel, paddle or rope, we’ve got just the thing.

It’s possible for anyone to get outdoors, but there are a few hurdles to vault if you’re gonna take the next step. We’ve teamed up with the crew at Kathmandu to accelerate your journey.

Introducing The Hike Club Series

We’ve created 11 unique wilderness escapes across Australia and New Zealand designed to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to get outside and get rad.

The Hike Club Series is part of outdoor brand Kathmandu’s Summit Club Adventures, and they’ve partnered with We Are Explorers to make it happen!

So, why the need for something like this at all? Well there are a few common hurdles that stop people from getting outside.

Hurdle #1 – Lack Of Knowledge & Experience

Read all the articles you want, nothing compares to getting out and trying stuff for yourself. Making mistakes is good for learning (and some might say part of the fun) but getting super lost and making the news, hurting yourself unnecessarily or breaking all your speccy new gear, isn’t heaps of fun.

Summit Club Adventures are run by experienced guides who’ve already seen (and made) the mistakes, so you can focus on getting stuck into the exploring. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to run properly, read a compass, go on a multiday hike or take a sweet nature photo, this is your chance to learn from the pros.

When Everything Flows // Kangaroo Valley Canoeing Escape, Aron Hailey, joy, canoe, river, awe, arms out, trees, forest, hike club series

Photo by @aronhailey

Hurdle #2 – Friends That Aren’t Interested

It’s almost impossible to get your mates into a new activity, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing yourself. You’ve got 2 options if you’re looking for mates to go kayaking, running or abseiling with:

Bring your friends along to an organised adventure

You’re much more likely to guarantee a fun day out if you’re not hopelessly tangled in your rope before you leave the car park. Yeah this is a plug for the Hike Club Series. Yeah you should sign up before all the spots are taken.

The Barriers To Getting Outside (And How To Hurdle Them!), Luke Mallinson, wilderness escape, hike club series, kathmandu, blue mountains

Photo by Luke Mallinson | Among Giants

Find new friends

Heading along to an event is a great way to meet like-minded people who are just as psyched as you! Grab some deets off the people you meet so you can keep each other motivated to get back out there!

Hurdle #3 – Fear

Maybe it’s a lack of knowledge, but fear stops a lot of people from getting out. So what is it? Getting lost? Being alone? Not being able to untie your figure-eight knot? Whatever it is — having an experienced person around really helps bring that peace of mind. More importantly, you’ll learn important skills that you can use when you’re off on your own. As much as the outdoors is about chilling out, it’s also about challenging yourself.

Hurdle #4 – Lack Of Motivation

It’s amazing what a pin on a calendar can do. Got a kayaking journey on the horizon? Maybe you’ll skip the trolley and carry the shopping. Got a trail running event coming up? You’ll be out the door running every morning to prepare (I guess fear might play a little part here). The point is, setting a date does wonders for your motivation.

The Barriers To Getting Outside (And How To Hurdle Them!), Pat Suraseang, wilderness escape, hike club series, kathmandu, Nowra, abseiling

Photo by @patsuraseang

Hurdle #5 – Time

Make some sacrifices and reap the rewards. Get good at saying no to questionable parties and Sunday sessions. Cut down on your Facebook time or do some meal prep. You’ve gotta make time to get outside, but it’s worth every second.


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The Barriers To Getting Outside (And How To Hurdle Them!), Luke Mallinson, wilderness escape, hike club series, kathmandu, blue mountains

Photo by Luke Mallinson | Among Giants

We Are Explorers is partnering with Kathmandu to present the Hike Club Series! Find an adventure, sign up and get psyched — they’re a one-way ticket to experiencing the outdoors in ways you never imagined.

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