Microadventurers and explorers, rat-race escape artists and weekend renegades, we have launched a new hub of adventure discussion…

As some of you will know, we launched a forum on this website six months ago. To be perfectly honest though, it failed and we decided to remove it from the digi-sphere.

Why? It would seem that creating an additional communication platform for our community presented a certain barrier to people adopting; we simply didn’t see the uptake of it as we had hoped. There are more accessible ways to do this…

Love it or hate it, Facebook has been an incredibly useful tool for us to grow our explorer community. Whilst our Page is where we share content, Groups are where interaction and discussion can really take place, so we’re excited to therefore launch state-specific Facebook Groups, starting with NSW/ACT.

Join the NSW/ACT Group

To whet your appetite, here’s the description:

“Call upon the We Are Explorers hive-mind for advice and info, organise meet ups and inspire others to get wild. This is the place for the NSW & ACT Explorer Community to come together, bounce ideas off each other and spread the adventure stoke.”

It’s shaping up to be a corker and in the same way no-one recall’s Terminator 1, here’s to our sequel being the one that everyone remembers.

Join Here